Our History

After 20 years of Parisian frenzy including 15 years in our production company Makam Films, we had the progressive desire to change lives. Beeing 40 years old, maybe?

What we loved passionately all these years are the meetings, the travelings and telling stories through our films or our photographs, fundamental elements that we wanted to keep in our future adventure.

In 2018, we changed the scene. Direction Lisbon who had already welcomed us for filming. For 2 years, the time to settle with the family we renovated, lived in and rented an apartment on short term rental sites.

Concerned about welcoming our guests, we tried to prepare “welcome baskets ” for travelers, we wanted them to discover the Lisbon we love. As users of the rental platforms we often found ourselves without essentials and we did not want our guests to experience a morning without coffee or shower without shampoo!
Lisbon is favourable to creation, we meet many nomadic entrepreneurs, artisans and discover the growth of tourism in Portugal.

We did not need more to get inspirired on our personal experience as Guest and Host and to create Box4Guest.

Our missions: to facilitate the reception of the Host by offering to the Guest a product gathering the essential, authentic,100% Portuguese, to allow even the most hurried travelers to get in touch with the local culture and to be a showcase for historical brands and Portuguese craftsmen.

Our ambition: to develop our offer on the important sites of Portugal, in France and why not in the different European capitals.

Every day, through a challenging sourcing we look for the best quality, local products, we meet artists, craftsmen, passionates who transmit through their know-how their history.

We are sourcing the best products, and also experiences.

We offer our first selection with the Box4Guest Lisboa and are already working on the next box “A praia portuguesa” (the Portuguese beach)

Our engagements
We are constantly questioning the social and environmental impacts of tourism. At our level, we wanted to make every effort to have a positive impact.

In many cities, the local economy is disrupted by a large number of travelers. In the complexity of this market we want to promote local businesses. We want to put the human in the heart of our business and travel.